When The Creep Has A Whip Dungeon

hooked up in a creep's whipping dungeon

It’s not a problem unique to BDSM dating: how do you know that the person you are about to hook up with online is cool? Good sites will help you screen potential hookups, bad sites aren’t so helpful, but there are a lot of sites and it isn’t always easy. At the end of the day, we in the kinky community do what everybody else has to do, which is: we do our hookup research as best we can, we exercise prudence, we take our safety precautions, and we go out and have a good time.

Fortunately, people are mostly all right, and it almost always goes pretty well. Bad experiences are usually just boring or awkward, not dangerous. The creepy man with a dungeon in his basement (when you’re not looking for that and didn’t ask to try it out) is a staple of erotic fiction and dirty graphic novels, but is vanishingly rare in real life. My theory is that if you’ve got your shit together enough to have a basement and a dungeon, you’re a more-or-less stable dude, and a property owner. You probably don’t actually have any trouble finding a nice lady who wants to play with you in your dungeon! So why bother riskily messing around with people who don’t? No, actively dangerous internet dudes are a lot more shiftless and rootless; they don’t have the money to buy dungeon furniture or the secure space to set it up.

So why does the creepy dude with a basement dungeon feature so prominently in our fantasy literature? To be blunt, it’s because those fears are fun to explore safely, and it’s a lot easier and safer to read a dirty comic than it is to find a safe dungeon and a safe person to play with in it:

creep leers at his new dungeon hookup and her pretty breasts

And that’s how we wind up with so many comics where a pretty young blonde is strung up by a balding middle aged feller who is pulling down her panties:

hooked up in a creeper dungeon as he pulls down her panties

Not just pulling them down, but sniffing them while she watches! I don’t want to shame that kink, which a lot of people enjoy, but it codes as “creepy” for a lot of people, dude:

panty sniffing creep

This next spot of spanking that we see would be welcome, even enjoyed, by many Spanking Blog readers, but of course it’s very contextual, and all the coding in these panels is that this guy didn’t bother with old-fashioned notions like seduction or consent:

spanked by a panty sniffing creep

Likewise the whipping:

whipped by her creepy hookup

dungeon whipping

These comics panels come from a French-language graphic novel called Le Bistrot des perversions.

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  1. Wee Jim commented on June 15th, 2019:

    “It’s not a problem unique to BDSM dating: how do you know that the person you are about to hook up with online is cool?”

    Get into the very respectable and liberal Guardian, perhaps: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jun/14/life-in-sex-spanking-womens-bottoms

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