Ten, Clutching Her Sore Bottom

Because I personally consider smoking to be a foul personal habit that degrades and contaminates not only the people who indulge in it but also the physical environments where they conduct it, I am perpetually amused by spanking porn that relies on the trope of models being punished for smoking. It’s the one memetic space where I am entirely unbothered by the cognitive dissonance that usually arises whenever “punishment” is a theme in our little fetish, given that everybody involved is a consenting and presumably-responsible adult. It’s not that the spanked-for-smoking scenarios are any less fictive or contrived, I just quite cheerfully do not care! Call it propaganda if you like, I just think “Got caught smoking, got their ass beaten with arbitrary severity by somebody with the power to do so, is now sobbing in the corner with her sore bottom, nobody feels even the tiniest twinge of sympathy because what they were doing was so fucking stupid” is a message that cannot be repeated often enough in the world. It’s like punching Nazis. It has an unambiguous moral clarity like few other messages do.

bottom clutching

And that’s supposedly the story behind Ten’s paddled bottom in this photo. In the April 3 update at Realspankings.com, she was caught smoking on campus. She got paddled over the jeans, but as you can see the thin tight denim did not save her bottom!

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