The Spanking Mayor Of Chelsea

Some 45 years have passed so it’s probably too late, but word has finally reached us here at Spanking Blog of a fellow we would like to congratulate, or perhaps have a beer with. From the pages of the May 1975 issue of Nostalgia Illustrated, come news of one John Brooks, AKA the Spanking Mayor of Chelsea:

John Brooks, the “Spanking Mayor of Chelsea,” recently sued the British newspaper Sunday People for printing a story which called him a “menace to young girls,” saying he had lured them onto his yacht and spanked their bottoms. He sued not because the story wasn’t true, but because he contended the practice did not make him a menace to young girls. And he won.

Assuming — and it must have been true if he won his case — that the young girls in question were not too young to consent to the spankings in question, I can only salute the man for contesting in court the idea that a little friendly yacht-spanking is no menace to anyone!

(Spanking Blog did actually write cover this story once before, but the “Fuck you” essence of Mr. Brook’s defense was not then clear to me.)

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  1. Simon commented on April 14th, 2019:

    He did win but he was only awarded 1d (a pre decimal penny) as damages I seem to remember so the court wasn’t that sympathetic. That I can remember this in such detail shows that the case made a big impression on me but also makes me feel incredibly old.

  2. Chelsea commented on April 14th, 2019:

    More info:

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