Rope Flogger Foreplay… And A Rampant Erection

He’s got a vicious-looking knotted-rope flogger but her smooth bottom suggests he hasn’t used it yet. I’m guessing he just likes to wave the whip around as a form of foreplay. Because the way his dick is jutting, I don’t think he’s going to actually flog her butt today. I doubt he has the willpower to defer the kinky sex any longer:

dominant man with rampant erection enjoying flogger foreplay and threatening a whipping before having sex with a bound woman

Art by Chibiabos.

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  1. neeros commented on March 11th, 2019:

    Good stuff. Yeah, I agree, I doubt he will do any flogging before fucking. If I were him, I would fuck first, then flog, then fuck again.

  2. wonchop commented on May 3rd, 2019:

    gosh the cock looks solid

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