A Whip And A Spank At Fantasy World

When you land on the home page at Fantasy World, the promising header graphic of a dominant man standing over a sexy kneeling blonde with his flogger resting on her neck sets the tone. If you think you may have found a BDSM movie clips site with a couple thousand completely free kinky porn videos to watch, you would be correct:

fantasy world banner

I’ve commented before that these sites rarely have tags or categories strictly focused on our little pure-spanking fetish any more. Honestly I think that’s mostly to do with how few producers of genuine spanking porn remain in active business and production in 2018. But no matter; there’s a search box, and if we spankos are good at anything, we’re good at finding porn that pleases our fetishes by means of carefully-chosen fetish-charged keywords!

One title that turned up right away was a mystery clip (no unique or distinguishing name, no watermark, no distinctive look to the set where it was filmed) that looks like it might be right on the edge between amateur and pro. In it, the female model is spanked hard and repeatedly between hard-core sex scenes, supposedly as punishment for overspending on clothing. The sex is athletic and porny; the spanking is fairly tame, but stronger than you usually see in vanilla porn; and the lighting, camera work, and “unfurnished AirBnB” look of the filming location is not good enough to suggest a professional porn shoot. So I don’t know what to make of it, exactly — but spanking porn I haven’t seen before is never bad!

spanked and fucked as punishment for buying a dress

spanked and fucked as punishment for spending her whole allowance

Another thing that turned up is a clip from a long-defunct Russian producer. This, in my opinion, is one of the rare areas that these niche tube sites can sometimes really shine. There are a lot of studios that made some really excellent spanking porn ten years ago or more, but for one reason or another, they are long gone from business now. In theory their stuff is maybe available in somebody’s video catalog, but in practice — after so many waves of consolidations and site closures — they are just gone, their domains are squatted by a ball-bearing manufacturer in China, and their work forever lost to us. I am not heartbroken that a few short clips from these studios tend to survive, like persistent friendly ghosts, in tubesites where we can find and enjoy them. Such as, in this case, a lesbian spanking, towel whipping, and enema scene starring a couple of cute Russian ladies:

spanking alice

Even if enemas aren’t really your thing — and they aren’t particularly mine, except to the extent that enema scenes in porn sometimes invoke aspects of BDSM and humiliation fetishes — I quite enjoyed the few seconds in which “Alice” is making a desperate dash for the toilet after the scene:

alice enema dash

As I think these screenshots prove, there’s a few gems to be found at Fantasy World for the spanking porn afficionado.

fantasy world screenshot

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