Coach Or Chaperone, She Looks Like She Canes

This is the 1912 British Olympic Women’s swimming team, and those swimsuits were considered scandalous in the extreme at the time. The woman in the middle is usually referred to in photo captions as a chaperone, but in some sources as a coach. Either way she appears formidable. This woman brought a cane to the Olympics in her luggage and will be entirely unsurprised if her duties demand its use!

british olympic women swimmers

The swimmers are, left to right, Belle Moore, Jennie Fletcher, Annie Speirs, and Irene Steer. Sadly I could not find a name for our stern task-mistress in the middle of the line.

For no better reason than that I am a male pigdog, let’s have a better look at Annie Spears in her scandalous silk swim-suit, shall we? Oh yes, I think we shall:

nipples under silk swimsuit

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