To Fake A Caning

It’s rare these days to see obviously-faked spanking marks, but it used to be too common, especially in porn that was only tangentially about spanking. This remarkable photo of cane marks being drawn on an actress’s bottom is from a 1968 Danish documentary about porn:

faking up some cane welts

Vanilla Spanking explains:

You can’t talk seriously about anything without showing examples, and the film stages several illustrative sequences representing the erotica and sexual fantasies of different eras. Sometimes this includes elements of sado-masochism, which was then particularly taboo in Denmark despite the appearance of some outstanding spanking scenes in mainstream Danish cinema. One sequence covers the making of a modern porno film, including some ‘rough stuff’. The actress is asked to bend over the couch, and the actor with the cane asks plaintively if he really has to hit her. Luckily for her, the director gets out a crayon…

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  1. RC commented on July 2nd, 2017:

    There’s a lot to be said for the element of surprise. The actress patiently waited as she was held down and crayon marks were drawn on her exposed rear end.

    Imagine the look on her face when the director yells, “Action!” and the cane is actually slapped against her buttocks!

    She may angrily depart from the script, but her impromptu dialog can be edited or overdubbed later.

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