Moving On From Dreams Of Spanking

In a moving letter written as if she is addressing her Dreams Of Spanking website, Pandora Blake has just released some unhappy news about her site’s future. Fundamentally, she needs to move on from Dreams Of Spanking, for reasons that won’t surprise anyone who has been following legal developments in the UK. She says she won’t be producing further content for the site, although perhaps a bit more that has already been produced will still appear.

Apparently the site never recovered its commercial momentum after being targeted by the UK’s censors and shuttered during Pandora’s “successful” legal battles, and Pandora needs to focus on supporting herself. With a new round of UK censorship on the horizon, further investment in British porn has become an insupportable thing to be doing. As Pandora says:

The mandatory age verification in the Digital Economy Bill leaves me three choices. To maintain my current level of page views, I’d have to pay several orders of magnitude more than your turnover each day to age verify every viewer. This is obviously not possible. To avoid having to age verify non-paying viewers, I would have to completely reorganise the site – months of unpaid work – and put everything classifiable as 18 or higher behind a paywall. I’d no longer be able to use any of the preview images, trailers, or explicit promotional materials I’ve spent years making. We’d make fewer sales as a result of not being able to publically promote the scenes in the archive, unless I spent yet more time creating new PG-13 promo materials for all the old scenes. Not only would this be a colossal waste of my time, it would lose the transparency which was always one of our core missions.

The third option is to geo-block all UK site visitors – 40% of your paying customers – and suffer a corresponding loss of sales. You’re already barely covering your costs, and I’m not getting paid enough to keep updating you. None of the available options are going to improve that situation.

The conclusion is clear. It’s time for me to step away.

Sad news for all of Pandora’s fans and friends and for everyone who supported her mission. Dreams Of Spanking will be missed!

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  1. Zaphod commented on June 9th, 2017:

    Sad news indeed. Pandora Blake did a wondrous job on that site, and I hope the blue nosed twits eventually grow enough of a soul to regret what they’ve done.

  2. web-ed commented on June 9th, 2017:

    It’s unfortunate that Britain continues its descent into censorship. A man was arrested there for quoting a book of Winston Churchill’s, and “hate speech” (speech the government doesn’t like) has been criminalized. The targeting of BDSM sites is harder to understand, as in America the political Left tends to take a licentious approach to most sexual matters. Not so in Britain, and even though no party there is able to form a government today, none of them believe in freedom and we can expect internet censorship whether May or Corbyn (Left vs. Further Left) ultimately winds up on top.

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