Show Me On The Doll Where It Hurts

bare bottom sex doll

Spanking is one of those frustrating fetishes where it’s hard to play alone. Not impossible, mind you; but harder than say, cross-dressing or wearing rubber.

Not that we haven’t all known a spanker who wore out his own furniture “practicing” his cane strokes on the bolsters. (Or was that just me? Oops…)

Self-spanking, too, is a thing; sometimes a frustrated young spanko without a partner will try it out, using a long-handled bath brush and a carefully-chosen posture. It’s generally said to be a disappointment; either it’s too difficult to spank oneself thoroughly enough, or there’s simply no “charge” to it without another person involved.

A attempted variant I have not heard of (which, mind you, is not at all the same thing as saying it does not exist) would be the spanker who keeps a life-size realistic silicone sex doll handy and spanks her instead of a living human partner. Perhaps this isn’t yet a thing for the same sort of reasons that self-spanking isn’t widely considered fulfilling, but possibly it’s just an idea whose time is yet to come. In particular, I was not aware until I looked at the OVDoll website just how lifelike and attractive the world of sex dolls has gotten in recent years. This sex doll’s bottom is sexier than a bolster, I think most would agree:

sex doll bottom, two views

In fact, the sheer enormity of the selection of realistic sex dolls at is rather staggering:

realistic selection of silicone sex dolls

The company is headquartered in Japan but they manufacture their dolls in China, at a factory that reminds me of something out of Blade Runner or the old Westworld movie. Android factory, anybody?

sex doll factory

All future-shock aside, OVDoll also has a sales office in the United States and considerable developed expertise at shipping their unusual merchandise all over their world. They offer delivery to more than 180 countries and claim successful sex doll deliveries to more than 100 countries so far.

As if the selection of dolls on their site was not already quite astonishingly large and diverse, OVDOLL further offers custom ordering. Customers may request specific features such as body and breast sizes, skin and eye colors, hair color and styling, facial features, pubic hair style, and even tattoos. Some of this detailed hyper-customization is also available for each of the many catalog models, although the extent of it seems to vary from doll to doll.

As anybody who’s been in the spanking world for very long knows, there are more people out there who need spanking (and know it, and want it) than there are willing spankers to spank them. For this reason alone, I don’t expect sex doll spankings to ever replace the human-to-human kind. But if you’ve got the space and the privacy, just think how amusing it would be to always see a bare naked bottom upthrust over the back of the overstuffed chair in your bedroom, every time you walk in there…

ovdoll banner

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