Ronnie Got The Cane

This right here is an unusual (but effective!) way to distract someone from the pain of a wasp sting:

He climbed on the bed, sat astride my thighs just below my bottom and started massaging me. He’s a good masseur, he learned about it when he was having deep tissue treatment for his back, and he does it really well. He does the whole thing, feet, calves thighs not just the upper body, he finds knots and causes sweet pain as he makes them melt away. After 30 minutes or so I was in another place. He’d studiously avoided my buttocks, I assumed he was saving them till last, in fact I was still knickered, wanting him to go there but not asking for it, I was more than content. He asked me how I felt, he hardly needed to, my low moans had been telling him all along. I said I was melty. I felt him get off the bed and and he kissed me between my shoulders and told me he was going to cane me now.

I nearly jumped off the bed. I almost got out a “But I haven’t done anything..” but he stopped me and told me to shush and relax. He pushed my shoulders back down and kissed them again and then his hands took my knickers down to my thighs and I felt the air on my bottom. I was willing him to talc it, to make his hands slide smoothly over it, to knead it and caress it. Instead he reached under the mattress and I knew he was withdrawing his cane, I saw it from the corner of my eye, the straight handled whippy one. I groaned.

After a couple of whooshes through the air it landed across my bottom. I gasped but the pain wasn’t hideous. I felt his hand on my back and he told me to relax, stop tensing. I did and the cane landed again, it was the 20cm or so tip end of the cane, the whippiest part and it stung but it stung evenly. I didn’t tense. He told me I was a good girl and to raise my bottom a bit for him. I was going to anyway. The third stroke bit into me and I whimpered “Oh P”. He just said “Good girl, stay relaxed” and he walked round to the other side of the bed. He gave me three strokes from that side, they were stinging but I didn’t tense I really wanted to be a good girl for him. He returned to the left side of the bed and told me he was going to cane me harder now. He took my hand from the pillow and gently pulled it down and to the side, lifting it and placing it on his cock which was tenting powerfully in his shorts. I said “Oh god” and moved to get up but he steadied me back on the bed and repeated he was going to cane me harder now and I was to be a good girl and I was to keep my hand on his cock while he did it. Fuck fuck fuck!! What sort of things happen in my husband’s brain to make him do this kind of thing to a girl I have no idea but I was tearing up inside, wanting to eat him and wet myself and stick my bottom up and be a good girl all at the same time. And yes, I realised, as well as those things I wanted him to continue caning me, to make me sting and ask for more and relax and be obedient and trust him to deal with me.

I got six more strokes while I held his boner and I raised my bottom after every one. I was on fire. I got another six from the opposite side of the bed, my husband likes symmetry, and then it was over.

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