A Busy Tuesday, With Caning

It looks like her master kept Ancilla_ksst pretty busy on Tuesday:

He gave me a hard paddling while bent over the kitchen counter, one that made me whimper and shift around, then grabbed me by the back of my neck and propelled me across the house. He threw me down over the arm of the couch and took me. I came hard several times as he gave the command to come.

Then back to the kitchen table, and on my knees again to take his slippery cock back in my mouth. My taste on him was pretty good.

Very soon he got behind me and fucked me again as I knelt on the floor holding on to the chair. It was very tight with the butt plug and he came quickly. I love the sound of his orgasm.

He took me upstairs right away, positioned me on the dresser and flogged me. That was a warm up. Then he brought out his belt. He whipped it out at me, wet towel style, and it stung like crazy at first, but in a short time the stings seemed farther away, a little dulled. I know I was falling into subspace. When he held me tight up against his chest and asked if I wanted a shower or a cuddle, I said “No” and “No”. I looked up at him with my spacey, wanton, hopeful, desirous smile.

“A good caning, then,” he said.

He turned on the radio and ordered me into bed.

They were playing some of our favorites from the 80s on the station he dialed. Good whacking music, most of them.

It was quite painful, but on some of those firm strokes I couldn’t help myself, and writhed in orgasm, without even receiving a command. The next time I got close he reminded me “Wait. wait. Wait.” and I was able to put off the feelings, subdue the orgasm until it was allowed.

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