Spanking To The Christmas Music

Here’s a Christmas memory Red Booty Woman shared last year:

Several years ago…

Music was playing softly in the background; a compilation of Christmas carols and hymns. She was feeling so relaxed and hovering in that state between sleep and wakefulness, that she barely registered the fact that he got up from the bed and was gone for a moment.

Until… he grasped her elbow and pulled her over on to her tummy. She didn’t get the chance to voice any words before he climbed on the bed, straddled her waist, facing her feet.

He aimed the remote at the stereo and without further ado Little Drummer Boy started to play. And her bottom became the drums that rat… a tat… tat, rat… a tat… tat, bore the rhythm of the famous Christmas song.

“What the…?” Her eyes popped open in surprise.

“Sshhhh… lay still. It’s time to spank to the music.”

To this day, every time she hears the Little Drummer Boy, she remembers that spanking and the intimacy that followed. She can feel the ghost of each smack from his hand as the drummer strikes the snare drum with his stick.

It’s a good memory.

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