Her Menopausal Bravery Pills

Minelle at My Breath says that somehow in menopause she got issued bravery pills that keep getting her bottom spanked:

A side effect of those pills was me, wagging my finger and scrunching my red face at a shocked hubby.

I was a little too close and over I went across my Scotsman’s knees. He was just a TAD upset. My lower legs actually went up trying to protect my bum. He quite determinedly said to put them down. After a bit, he could hear a smile begin to break as I realized my menopausal craziness, and he let me up.

We had a lovely dinner! (Smile)

Now on to tonight: I came home from work. I was exhausted. He had been working in and outside the entire day. I took a nap all sweet and angelic.

Waking up I downed the entire bottle of ‘Bravery pills’ and cooking dinner began a snarky encounter with my man. He was trying to be goofy and jokey, but I was in the mood to poke the beast.

Maybe I OD’d on those pills because I responded to his threat of spanking with rolled eyes and…

Crazy menopausal me said, ‘NO YOU WON’T.’

Things happened a bit fast, LOL.

I was frog marched to our bedroom and upside down in seconds flat. He was slightly upset. Actually said HIS HAND hurt! Hmm… I think my bottom was the loser in that encounter.

The funny thing is, we are absolutely fine! The spanking(s) helped as always. I know most of you get much harder spankings. But when my Scotsman ‘skelps’ my behind, it rights my mood. He also feels better.

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