Classroom Punishment Robots

school of the future has punishment robots in the aisles

According to @PulpLibrarian, this is a 1969 vision of a Japanese “school of the future”. Drawn by Shigeru Komatsuzaki, it appeared in Shonen Magazine, and if you look closely, it features automatic punishment robots that roam the aisles thumping schoolchildren who stumble over their multiplication coursework:

wheeled punishment robots patrol the classroom

Also, if you look carefully at the full-sized graphic, you’ll see that there are three overhead hinged rods that swing down from the ceiling to smack underperforming students.

Of course Spanking Blog is unwavering in commitment to the notion that toys like this are much too much fun to waste on children. But my inner “Bad Professor” can think of several fun classes I could teach to grownups with a setup like this!

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