A Flogger Of Modest Size

Floggers are fun. But the big ones made out of quality leather? They smell awesome and are an amazing sensual treat overall, but they aren’t cheap, you need a lot of room (and physical fitness) to swing them, and sometimes using one feels more like a theatrical performance than an intimate kinky sexual moment. They have their place, and I would encourage anybody to have one in their toy bag. But for day to day, or the kinky beginner? They can be a bit much.

Enter the S&M Mini Flogger from Sportsheets. (The Sportsheets people have your back in matters of the wallet; they are also the ones who invented the handy, convenient, and inexpensive under-the-bed restraint system for kinksters who don’t have space or money to put in a furnished dungeon.) Mini floggers like this one are still very sensual and command visual attention, but they are short enough to carry in your purse or a small bag. Plus, this one only costs $9.99 at the time of writing:

mini flogger

As the Stockroom explains:

This Mini Flogger by Sportsheets is a great way to introduce light BDSM into the bedroom. With a small wooden handle and falls made of light, vinyl fabric, this toy can deliver a whisper-soft sensation or a lashing impact–the choice is up to you.

The compact body lets you keep it discreetly in a nightstand or to easily carry it around in a purse, tote, or carry-on luggage, ready for any time that an opportunity might present itself. All of the hardware is nickel-free and sturdy, and the handle has a comfortable grip to utmost ensure stability during play.

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