Singing For Him

There’s more than one way to make music, as we learn in this story She Will Sing For Him by El Ciego:

He clicks the mouse to start recording. The microphones in this room are exquisitely sensitive. She is going to sing for him tonight.

He stands above her naked, his cock stiffening as he gazes at her rose-colored nipples, now rigid with arousal. A tiny droplet forms at the tip of his cock, and he takes the leather riding crop from the nearby table.

Swish! The slapper of the crop smacks hard against her right nipple, and she screams into the gag. Swish! A sharp pop as the slapper contacts her pouting labia. She writhes against her piano bench bondage, yet she is careful not to tip herself over in her struggle. She knows that Master is very particular about the furnishings of his lovely home; an upturned piano bench would earn her far worse than she was taking.

Swish! The slapper again strikes its leading edge across her swollen clitoris! “M-m-momff!” Her scream through the ball-gag still manages to echo through the music room. Marvelous acoustics.

He tenderly smiles at his darling chanteuse, bending now to gently kiss her parted lips around the ball gag. He unfastens the locking strap and eases the gag from between her aching jaws, raising her head on one strong hand and offering a drinking straw. The cold lemon water eases her thirst, and she begins to speak.

“Master, please. No more, I beg you. Please!. Plee-ai-eee!” Her words turn into a scream of surprise as he again pops the business end of the leather whip against her captive cunt flesh. Swish! Crack! Swish! Smack! Another blow, this one to her tender inner thigh, is accompanied by a sharp pinch to her left nipple.

“No-o-o-ooo!” She screams again. “No more whip, Master, no more!”

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