Sabre Spanking

Via ErosBlog we get this happy flat-of-his-sword spanking photo. This was promo for a 1966 TV show called F-Troop, and apparently the characters were married in real life:

man spanks his wife with a sabre

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  1. irvingb commented on December 13th, 2013:

    Dear god, I am old enough to have watched this show in its first run
    (1965-67, on ABC). That’s Ken Berry as Captain Wilton Parmenter, the
    commander of the troop at Fort Courage, and the actress apparently is
    his then-wife, Jackie Joseph (at least
    says it is). Joseph did guest star on the show once, but she played a
    different character’s romantic interest and I don’t think Parmenter
    spanked her, so this is probably just the married couple goofing around on
    the set (even though Berry does seem to be in character as the somewhat
    uptight Parmenter, who might spank a woman if he felt it was his duty but
    would never enjoy it, or at least would never let it show).

    By the way there’s a much larger copy of this photo at

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