No Mercy For The Whipping Slave

In The Slave Girl And The Lash, by F.E. Campbell, our heroine is disgruntled that she’s been stolen from the woman who owned and loved her. She’s been sold off to some sort of high-end whipping brothel and she’s not happy about it:

“What’s your favourite whip?” he asked without humour. He seemed bored. “Actually I prefer to cane your bottom. It’s the English thing, y’know. D’you mind?”

“Would it make any difference?” I asked coldly. “I mean, if I did mind?”

“Oh yes.” He seemed faintly amused. “You’d kick up a fuss and get it twice as hard. Doing it your way I’ll feel a bastard and go easy.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s the nature of the male erection,” he confided in the same bored tone. “If the female fights, it’s potent. If she pleads and has to be gagged, it’s a turn on. If she’s beautiful and has a well curved behind she’ll get no mercy.”

“That last one’s me, isn’t it?”

He actually laughed. “I like that. Yes, it’s you. But I’m told you’re different. One of those who want it, eh?”

“I can’t convince them I’m only like that when I’m loved,” I told him unhappily. “These people probably know all about making money, but they don’t know a thing about girls.”

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