The Asp Bullwhip

I try not to look at fancy whips online. Honestly, I do. Not only do Bethie and I have more impact toys than we know what to do with, but whips are expensive. I only have a couple (whipping is not really our thing) but I can’t justify buying more that I’m not really going to use all that much.

That said? The Asp Bullwhip managed to get under my somewhat feeble anti-consumerism defenses. I don’t need it, but I sure want it:

asp bullwhip

First of all, that cute little snaky slapper-snapper head really caught my eye. I knew a girl in college who really loved her some snakes. With this, I could have recruited her to the legions of kink inside of seven minutes. (Well, a guy in my position who knew what I know now could have done it. Me, I was too young and stupid.)

But the other thing about bullwhips is, most of them are so long you need forty acres and an air traffic controller just to use them. This one is short (just 32.5 inches) and looks like it would be very friendly to use. The Stockroom catalog copy says:

The Asp is the tried and true classic bullwhip with a sinister and playful twist! The shaft of the whip consists of tightly woven jet black leather braids with a thick sturdy handle for grip and decorative tassels where the shaft meets the base. An attractive braided and tasseled wrist loop is attached to the handle for easy storage as well. What makes this bull whip so special is what lurks at the end of the tapered tip; a flat black 1.5“ wide crop-style snake head with two black split tongue-like leather tails for a slap and crack your submissive won’t soon forget! The compact size of this whip makes it perfect for easy handling and use in small spaces.

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