Spanking And Caning Allie Haze

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Allie Haze. Is she not the very picture of a girl who knows she’s soon to be spanked?

Allie Haze showing off her spank me panties

As, indeed, she is. But — this being a photoshoot for Sex And Submission — first she has to be tied up and have her panties removed by wild bears:

Allie Haze in rope bondage with her cute white panties shredded off her bottom

Well, maybe not bears. Actually, it was Mark Davis — who is at least as dangerous to a toothsome girl as bears would be. But he’s probably a lot more fun, right?

Anyway, according to the shoot information inside the Sex and Submission members area,

Allie Haze is as cute as a button and enjoys BDSM but doesn’t like to obey. She gives Mark Davis a hard time by not following orders and finds herself getting a lot of punishment.

And so the spanking begins:

Allie Haze getting a hard hand spanking from Mark Davis

Mark’s not the sort to content himself with a bit of hand spanking, though. It’s not long before he gets a cane and pauses to have a short conversation with our cute miscreant:

lecturing Allie Haze before her bondage caning

Then he puts a gag in her mouth and lets his cane do all the talking:

Allie Haze gagged and caned hard

Of course it’s not long before she’s ready to thank him properly for the lesson in behavior.

There’s a free gallery with a few more pictures, but sadly it doesn’t show much of the spanking and caning.

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