Spanked Without Mercy

This artwork has been crudely cropped (by me, because I didn’t like the visual effect of the devil-head framing) from the cover of My Victims Beg For Mercy, by Alan Shaw. Click the pic for the original book cover:

bondage spanking with no mercy

  1. Eric Carwardine commented on February 6th, 2013:

    One does wonder if the artist has any experience of real spanking. I think an artist risks being held in contempt when he portrays such impractical positioning of spanker and spankee. I found myself wondering if the blow is intended for her head or her buttocks!

  2. margy669 commented on February 7th, 2013:

    Hm, I don’t really like the drawings or the 3D fantasies, because they are just fantasies. They have not really much to do with irl. This draw, for example, this spanking position couldn’t be hold for a longer time. Maybe for a few minutes with real people, till the film shoot is done.

  3. Eric Carwardine commented on February 7th, 2013:

    With margy669’s comment on position I’ve noticed something I hadn’t realised before: with her hands restrained she’d be in real trouble if she lost her balance and toppled forwards.

    I hope my comments aren’t being seen as pedantry, because I do know that ‘serious details’ are definitely noticed by newcomers to the corporal arts. It may take them a while to mention it but some newcomers do worry that a potential spanker could use illustrations – even cartoons – as a form of blueprint to be followed.

  4. margy669 commented on February 8th, 2013:

    In the drawing she gets some “help” with balance problems, by holding her head on his knees. But irl, that doesn’t work for a longer time. That position irl is max. for a few minutes film-shoots. I am flexible enough, but my worst dream is this kind of position. Okay, I know, and I have the luck, that my friend also knows what’s behind this kind of positions even in a movie. But they are a lot of not so experienced guys and girls, who are thinking, that’s “normal”, and everybody can do this… No, even if you are flexible, this position can be hold just for a few minutes.

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