Wife Spanking And Anal Sex

A well-spanked wife posted this in the epic Should Wives Be Spanked? comment thread, but I thought it was worth a post of its own:

Years after my divorce I met this wonderful guy, one I had gone to school with. He’s very gentle and soft spoken, treats me like the most precious thing in life. One day I reverted to prior behavior and began telling him what to do about a financial matter, I knew best of course, I’d been handling it for fifteen years.

Imagine my shock when he pulled me to the bedroom and ordered me to take off everything! I said no way and got some unexpected ‘help’. He’s a whole lot taller than I am and strong. I was so mad, but I was smart enough not to scream at him over it because he was already angry. He didn’t yell but he didn’t relent either.

When he sat in the chair in the bedroom he pulled me down over his lap and it felt pretty precarious, then he grabbed my brush off the dresser and what a shock I got. He was serious, too, this wasn’t any timid five swats and I was up. I didn’t count them, I was fighting until I realized I was just making it a lot worse. He ordered me to spread my legs and at that point I did. The pain was absolutely excruciating.

When I thought I might pass out from the pain he stood me up then prodded me to the bed. Well, turns out his finale to a spanking is doggy style and not always in the conventional place. That was my first experience with anal sex which – who knew? – turned me on so much that now I sometimes I’d get out of hand on purpose. He always knows…

  1. willjohn commented on April 3rd, 2014:

    Different pokes for different folks!

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