The Long Wife-Spanking Conversation

My post in 2003 of a magazine cover from 1939 asking “Should Wives Be Spanked?” has slowly accumulated more than fifty comments, most of them (unsurprisingly) answering in the affirmative. Reading them all in a bunch is rather fun, because many of the commenters have shared considerable detail about the marital spanking practices and attitudes that work for them.

The latest comment, from Maria, is a good example:

My husband also spanks me whenever he thinks I need it. He also considers me his intellectual equal. He spoils me rotten and is very chivalrous. He treats me like a lady, so he doesn’t put up with a lady that turns into a brat and a shrew. I can have quite a temper and the only way I calm down is with a good old fashioned otk spanking.

It does make our sex life a lot better. Less fighting, more sex and he likes the male dominate/female submissive dynamic. I have a harder time with it. My inner feminist sometimes fights this. A good tanning of my bared backside whilst over his knee, makes me respect him for taking me in hand. There can only be one head of the household and if it’s the wife, the man is a wimp. She won’t respect him, won’t give him sex and will tear him to shreds with her mouth.

I’m not a second class citizen in my house. I’m treated like a queen, until the brat in me comes out trying to control him and everything around me. He spanks long and hard until I realize that I’m not in control and I have to give it up to feel calm. The male dominate/female submissive dynamic works. That doesn’t mean the man is cruel to her mentally or doesn’t take care of her. If anything, he takes care of her more than she can imagine.

This isn’t about a guy who’s a bully or mean. It’s about a man who takes control back. If I try to control everything around me and control him, I’m not a happy camper. It is biologically fitting as Katie said and it does not mean the woman doesn’t go out and become successful in the world. If anything she’s more successful, because she’s calmer for it. It doesn’t mean she will be submissive to all men. She will only be submissive to one man. She can go out and conquer the world, but in her marriage she will be happier if she knows her man has her back and her backside in check.

A husband should bare his wife’s backside himself and put her over his knee with her backside perched high… so she is bared and humbled before him, with nothing hidden. He should spank her good, long and hard, until she gives up control. He shouldn’t stop until she is calm and accepts that he is the dominant partner. He should then take her and make love to her and dominate her in sex. A hot backside and hot sex go together. It does wonders for a marriage… besides, why do you think women are reading romance novels where the male spanks and dominants the women? ;-)

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