Spanking Ebony Ayes

I’m not sure what vintage porn star Ebony Ayes did to find herself ass up over a couch with her sporty shorts pulled down (and later, completely gone), but I’m guessing she must have let her inter-woman status games go too far, until her man got annoyed. There’s only so much of that plastic-talon “Look, girls, I’ve got longer faker nails than you, I’ve clearly got a richer sugar daddy than you do because obviously I couldn’t do a lick of work with these things and unlike you working-class sluts, I don’t have to” posturing a fellow can take (and pay for). Amirite?

Ebony Ayes has had her sports shorts pulled down and she\'s about to be spanked

Ebony Ayes looks pretty pleased about her impending spanking

You gentlemen of the caning persuasion may also find subtle inspiration in the lovely lattice of shadows across her bottom that appear to have been cast by the Venetian blinds…

Pics are from The Classic Porn, and sadly, there’s no actual spanking to be seen.

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