Teacher Discipline

My take on these photos from Discipline In Russia is that these two novice elementary teachers got caught being a bad example (with each other, naked) in the supply closet. So they had to be disciplined:

bent over for school discipline

bent over the teacher\'s desk for caning

caned to tears at the front of the classroom

I think the discipline is working on the dark-haired girl, at least. The blonde looks a bit less impressed…

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  1. Maren Smith commented on June 8th, 2012:

    True, the blonde doesn’t look impressed in this picture, but head over to the site and oh my goodness does her facial expressions change toward the end. That definitely looks like a caning not even I would like to…I almost said sit through. lol

  2. Johnny commented on June 14th, 2012:

    Yes, I believe it. I have seen this guy in action in other pics, and he is full-force. I think Blondie will soon have her features transformed to match her brunette fellow-sufferer!!!!

  3. RC commented on November 12th, 2017:

    I think the blonde has been disciplined before. She knows enough to keep her breasts from resting on the desktop. Otherwise, with the first stroke of the cane on her buttocks, she would flinch, rubbing her nipples against the surface in the process.

    The man in the vest could supervise from the front, thus watching their expressions, but he prefers to view the girls from behind. Usually the girls writhe and shift their buns from side to side after each stroke, and watching this is very arousing. The movements resemble beckoning him as if they want to be mounted.

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