Pre-Punishment Panty Inspection

It’s possible I’ve been at this spanking blogging project too long — 8.5 years, really? Because I’d swear I blogged this picture before, only I can’t find it in my own archives. So, maybe not:

inspecting her panties before her caning

How much worse, do you suppose, her punishment would have been, if he’d lifted her skirt with the tip of that cane and discovered she wasn’t wearing her panties?

Found here.

  1. RC commented on October 16th, 2011:

    If she’s appearing before the school headmaster, her offense is likely the shortness of her skirt, especially if the school is co-ed. She is obviously trying not to let her skirt ride upwards. Part of her humiliation will be returning to class. Everyone will know that to bare her bottom for the strokes, she had to remove her panties and expose her pussy to the view of the principal. He might even leave a stroke or two on the back of her thighs, near their top, so that the stripes are visible just below her hemline as she walks down the corridor between classes. That’s sure to cause some nudges and smiles as the guys trail behind her for a good look.

  2. Z commented on October 26th, 2011:

    Oh my, she is absolutely delicious with that look embarrassed apprehension on her face, I just spent a delightful few minutes imagining the *perfect* scenario for baring her bottom, the implement I’d most enjoy using to redden her ass . . . sigh!

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