Punishing Kara

If you’re going to cheat on a test, it’s best to make sure the professor who catches you isn’t a traditionalist:

“Please Sir, I swear I’ll never cheat again.” she begged, “Please no more.”

“It’s not a case of whether you will cheat again. It’s punishing you for cheating to begin with.” he said matter of factly, “Now stand up and take your skirt and panties off.”

Kara stood, knees together holding the panties in place, then looked at him defiantly. “NO! You can’t make me. You animal.”

“Very well then Kara. I will just inform the Dean tomorrow morning that you were caught cheating.”

“Please no, this isn’t fair.” Fresh tears made their way down Kara’s cheeks.

“Fair? Was it fair for you to cheat off of Lori Connell’s test? Was it fair for you to waste your daddy’s efforts to get you accepted to Westbridge?”

He knew he won when the girl’s chin dropped to her chest and she let out a soft shuddering cry. Kara unbuttoned her skirt and pulled the zipper down. Turning away from him she slid it down her legs, taking the panties with it and stepped out of it. Holding the skirt in front of her body, trying to protect her modesty she turned back to the teacher. Professor Graves stood up and walked to the side of the desk to pick up the paddle.

“Place it on the chair, then bend over the desk and grip the far edge.”

Kara set the skirt on the chair, covering her bush with her hands. She turned to the desk and leaned against it, bending over to grip the far edge. She turned her head to watch him as he made his way to stand beside her.

“Face forward young lady.” he instructed, “Spread your legs for me.”

Kara spread her legs to shoulder width, then wider at Professor Graves’ instructions. Without warning he brought the paddle down hard on Kara’s ass. The frightened girl screamed, standing up to grasp her ass.

“Kara this will go much faster if you do as you are told. Now grip the far side of the desk and do not let go.”

“Please no” the girl whined, bending over to hold the desk once more.

With a resounding whack, the paddle struck the girl again. Kara clenched her teeth, determined not to let go. Kara screamed again with the third stroke, still holding onto the desk.

“Spread your legs further Miss Whitman, I want your stomach flat on the desk.”

Kara spread her legs out, resting on the desk. Professor Graves used his foot to slide her legs a little wider, forcing the girl onto her tiptoes. The fourth stroke from the paddle landed on the inside of Kara’s left thigh. She screamed at the impact, kicking her legs out and bringing them together.

“Shall I tie your legs to the desk Miss Whitman?”

“No. Please Sir it hurts so much.” the crying girl begged as she spread her legs.

Professor Graves rubbed his hand over her abused ass, “Yes, that’s why they call it a punishment.” He slid his hand down to cup her moist sex, “Yet somehow I think you’re enjoying this.”

“No I’m not. Please stop touching me there.” the girl begged.

“Very well.” Professor Graves said removing his hand, “Six more with the paddle then it’s on to the crop. I think you’ll enjoy the crop…”

From Kara Gets Punished by Rod.

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