Playful Riding Crop Party

This is of those YouTube links that won’t be there long — they never are — but I’m going to link it anyway because it’s kind of fun and eyebrow-raising.

It came in via Chross and it consists of seven minutes of footage of some Chinese-speaking young people hanging out at night in an expensive-looking urban high-rise party space with lots of windows. More context than that, I can’t really provide, due to the language barrier; but somebody brought along half a dozen of those cheap riding crops with the leather hand on the end. And the partiers are taking ritualistic turns bending over a bar stool to exchange (mostly weak) swats with the things. There’s much posturing and martial arts windup from the guys, a lot of high-spirited giggling from the girls, and it’s fairly amusing to watch:

chinese party kids swap swats with a riding crop

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