Spanking Blogger, Fashion Blogger

Did you know that Spanking Blog is all about fashion, now?

Apparently so.

I just got a mass email from someone “hoping to get the support of fashion bloggers like yourself” and offering me eighty bucks up front via PayPal if only I would blog in support of his ugly-mukluk promotion.

I could use the eighty bucks, but… er, no.

I can be bribed. Back before sex toy reviews on blogs got too overdone, I used to get a fair few spanking toys for review, and it usually earned a blog post for the sender. But there are sharp limits on what that sort of bribery get get you. In the editorial section of the blog, it can get you my attention and links, but only if your product is of specific interest to the spanking community.

For everything else, that’s what the display ads are for.

Meanwhile, in some alternate universe, you’re all reading a post on Spanking Blog about the wonders of wearing ugly mukluks and going “What the fuck?” And in that alternate universe, I’m not here, because Bethie and I are having a big lunch and an afternoon out on the mukluk money…

  1. Richard Windsor commented on October 25th, 2010:

    I received the same email a couple of weeks ago!! Didn’t even check out what the fashion was.

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