Handcuffed And Spanked

From The Misadventures of The Not So Submissive Wife:

He introduced handcuffs this weekend.

Six months ago if BDH had brought handcuffs in and threatened to use them on me, I think I would have stopped running when I hit the East Coast, and I live in Texas.

I found myself naked, laying on my tummy and handcuffed to the bed. That is when I met the next surprise BDH had for me. My behind got spanked with a leather paddle.

He alternated between spanking me and touching that most sensitive place on my body. I laid there, under his knowing hands, and completely lost it. The wonderful Man who married me, knew what I had been wanting.

He had been wisely waiting to make sure I was ready for it. And, oh was I ready. My body felt twisted in ways I cannot even begin to describe. The pleasure was unimaginable. The spanking was harder and longer than I have experienced before, and his hands on me felt like heaven.

Finally, I lay exhausted and completely satisfied, but BDH wasn’t done with me. The last three smacks on my sore bottom almost had me in tears. He held me in his arms while I gasped for breath. I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep. And I did sleep, while still handcuffed. That seemed to bring such a feeling of security. Yes, being handcuffed made me feel secure…

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