Attic Spanking Treasures

Orlando remembers an attic find:

Once I helped an old lady named Heron clean out the attic of her house, which she could no longer get into, having had hip replacement surgery. She had lived in the same house for all of her 86 years, so it was a treasure trove of stuff, nearly all of which ultimately got thrown out.

In one corner of the room, I found a pair of homemade wooden paddles leaning carefully against the wall, alongside a wicker chair. One of them was oval-shaped, and the other was long, broad, and thin and had been drilled through many times, minimizing its surface area so it would sting like a wasp. It exuded malice.

It was so easy to imagine little Heron, and her brothers and sisters, brought up into the attic when they’d been bad, and bent over their mother’s lap (her father had died when she was young) in that wicker chair, and counting out the terrible, whistling blows.

Or maybe not. Because right next to those paddles, I found a very early electric vibrator, a Fitzgerald Star, I think, in a felt-lined walnut case. So who knows….

  1. Bodack commented on September 29th, 2010:

    It is a shame most of the stuff got thrown out. That vibrator actually sounds like a collectors item. Before the average person had electricity women would go to doctors to use the “in house” vibrator to relieve tension. I wouldn’t have been able to resist asking about the paddles. Or taking them home for myself.

  2. jconall commented on September 30th, 2010:

    OK, What is a Fitzgerald Star? I did a google search and nothing came up except this site for spanking or sex…

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