Hustler’s Taboo, On Good Old-Fashioned Glossy Paper

I’ve had good things to say more than once over the years about one of the last high-quality kinky porn magazines printed on paper in this country. Hustler’s Taboo, despite the 1970s-style porn industry cover copy, has for years been the last bastion of filthy kinky porn photography available at your local porn news stand (if you’re lucky enough to still have one in your town, they’re getting hard to find). It’s an unusual mixture of fancy kinky fashion and really dirty fetishistic sex, and I, for one, have always liked it (when I could find it, which was rarely).

cover of the august 2009 edition of Taboo magazine from Hustler

For some years now you could get digital access to many editions of the magazine by joining the Hustler’s Taboo website. But I’ve been the first to admit, if you are of the age that remembers when “porn” meant color photographs on slick glossy clay paper, sometimes an image on a website isn’t a perfectly-satisfactory substitute. So I’ve been alert for an online source of the print magazine. Fortunately, the reasonably-current issues have finally been added to the online catalog of Hustler Hollywood in their Books and Magazines section. [Later update: not any more, sorry!]

Spanking is commonly featured in Taboo, but as the variety of the headlines in the cover shot above make clear, it’s not central to the magazine’s concept. This spanking image is from the August 2009 edition:

lesbian spanking picture from Taboo magazine

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