Punished In Her Dreams

Allison Tyler had an intense spanking dream:

I would never cheat…except last night. In my dreams.

I was a slut. Oh, stop laughing. I mean, I was out there, slutting myself around with an old beau. And when I came home—with flushed cheeks and wet panties—my man was waiting. Not a word. Not a threat. He simply led me to the bedroom and put me over his lap. We started in a way that was painfully familiar, first his hand on my ass, my denim skirt shoved to my hips, pastel pink panties down to my ankles, then a Ping-Pong paddle wreaking havoc on my bare skin.

My struggles were useless. He had both of my wrists captured in one of his big hands, and he paddled the shit out of me before pushing me to the floor. Staring down at me as if I were trash.

Before I could recover, before I could figure out which way was up, he ripped my clothes off and threw me down on the bed, bound me in place. Arms over my head, legs spread, face up. Who was the Dom? I’m trying to find him in my mind, in my files, in my repertoire. Someone I could never quite see. In a house I’ve never lived in. Beige carpet. Big ugly California King.

He used a crop methodically to decorate my inner thighs, and every so often, he would slap the tip of the weapon against my pussy…

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