Bethie’s “New” Spanking Undies

Back in March, Bethie wrote:

I’ve just purchased some new fancy underwear that I’ll have to blog about later after I’ve had a chance to put them to good use. I gave Dan a quick preview and he deemed them spank worthy. Wheeee!

Since then, of course, she’s preferred to blog more about her beloved Schnuffel bunnies than she has about the undies. But I found a nice vintage photo that shows the exact sort of undies she’s talking about:

spanking undies

You can see why I might approve.

  1. Bethie commented on April 7th, 2009:

    Hey, those are like my new fancy undies and that’s the way you reacted to them, too! ;-)

  2. walter Mitty commented on April 8th, 2009:

    I would really like to get my mate a pair of these……It’s right for all so manty reasons.

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