The Farmyard In The Bedroom

Caroline Grey writes about making animal noises during a spanking:

This week I have been watching tonnes of videos, great ones, good ones, and “eh” ones. It’s amazing how technical and specific I find my taste becoming at times. I find myself wincing at badly-placed cane strokes, admiring perfectly horizontal strap marks, frowning at certain camera angles and marveling at the composure (or lack thereof!) of models. I saw a particularly unfortunate one the other day where the poor girl was making some very strange noises every time she was struck. “That sounds like someone wanking a duck,” I said to Frank. I don’t really know what it sounds like to wank a duck, but I would bet a spanking that this was close.

Since I have been, as I said, abominably good, I was reduced to biting my poor boy to earn a hiding. After scaring me by threatening to hairbrush me hard with no warm-up, he relented, and I settled in for a delicious hard hand-spanking (I knew there’d be hairbrush later but I try to live in the moment). But the image and sound of the violated duck kept popping into my head, and although it was very unkind and also very bad timing, I couldn’t help myself. I started imitating the WankDuck noise. This, of course, led to much giggling, which led to other barnyard noises until I was practically singing “Old McDonald” over F’s knee. (though actually, when I think about it, “ee i ee i o” could practically be a transcription of my half of certain beatings in the past.) After sampling various goat noises and throwing in the odd “moo”, I found repeating the word “oink” to be particularly amusing. And then the hairbrush kicked in.

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