Improvised Whip

The bondage looks pretty token, but I like the hand-made looking whip, constructed (it looks to me) from straps of patent leather stapled to a stick:

hand made patent leather whip

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  1. Mandi B. commented on July 18th, 2008:

    The home made whip is great. I can’t quite see to count,but it certainly looks like a Cat o’9 Tails.What on earth is that between her legs??? It looks to me like her “CHERRY” has well and truly popped. OK not that funny,but i tried. I wonder if the designer of the PATENT leather whip has protected against cheap imitations by “PATENTING” his invention. I would recommend they do so to secure the exclusive rights of ownership. It seems “PATENTLY” obvious to me that this ingenius invention is going to make the inventor a rich man. I say “PATENT”the “PATENT”leather whip. Mandi B. xxx

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