Caned Across Her Back

In the old Victorian fetish novels, the cruel schoolmaster or sadistic monk was as likely to belabor some poor student or work-house girl across the shoulders with his cane as he was to bend them over for proper strokes. It’s not something you see much in the modern spanking fetish (floggers are so much more fun on bare backs!) but I thought this very stylish picture would be of interest:

bondage girl caned across her shoulders

It’s a photograph by Denys DeFrancesco in the January ’04 issue of Taboo magazine, a hard-to-find-in-paper (but well worth searching for!) Flynt Publications title, currently available online at Hustler’s Taboo.

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  1. hermione commented on February 9th, 2008:

    Oh, no, not my cup of tea at all!

    I seem to recall reading some boys’ school story about the boys being caned on the back. It wasn’t too explicit but the boys talked afterward about the cane barely touching their collars.

  2. Lisa commented on February 9th, 2008:

    I have been reading you for a couple of years now..first the look of submission in her eyes..hard to find anymore..most looks are staged and look that way but her look is so precious.

  3. Caned Across Her Back, Redux - Spanking Blog commented on October 12th, 2010:

    […] couple of years ago I blogged a little image from Hustler’s Taboo Magazine, saying: In the old Victorian fetish novels, the cruel […]

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