Spanking Jackie

You’ve got to love a bit of TV slashfic involving a basement spanking and some popsicle buggery for the annoying Jackie character from That 70s Show:

Jackie Burkhardt waltzed into the Foreman’s basement, beaming with pride. “Ohmigod, you guys will not believe what just happened to me!”

“You magically remembered that you owe me fifty bucks?” smirked Donna.

“No, stupid! I was nominated for Snow Queen! That can only mean one thing…that I’m the prettiest and most popular girl in Point Place!”

“Don’t forget the shallowest and most arrogant,” added Hyde.

“Look Jackie, we’ve had it with your shit. You owe me money, you ratted out Eric to his sister, you annoy Hyde, and you’ve given Fez blue balls on more than one occasion.”

“Look, I promise I’ll pay you back your money, as soon as I buy this new dress I’ve wanted.”

“I don’t think so. You’re going to learn a lesson, and we’re going to teach you. Guys?”

With that Eric and Hyde each grabbed one of Jackie’s arms, holding her firm.

“Hey, what’s going on? What do you think you’re doing?”

“We’re going to teach you what happens to stuck-up little rich girls,” Donna said, without getting up off the couch. “They get a spanking.”

“What?” Jackie’s eyes were as big as saucers. “You can’t spank me. I’ll tell Daddy. I’ll tell Michael!”

“The important fact you’re missing here is…we don’t care,” said Hyde, giving Jackie a pinch on the ass.

“Fez…help me!” pleaded Jackie.

“You heard her, Fez…help the poor girl out,” commanded Donna.

With that, Fez went over to Jackie, kneeled, and began unbuttoning her bell-bottom jeans.

“Stop it! You guys are crazy!” screamed Jackie. She attempted to kick Fez, but he had already worked her jeans down to her knees, imprisoning her legs.

“Oh, happy day,” he said, as he stared at her panties, mere inches from his face. They were white with pink lace and a little bow in front.

“Now bring her over here,” said Donna, pointing to her lap. She began rolling up her sleeves as the struggling girl was laid across her thighs. Hyde grabbed Jackie’s arms and held them out in front while Eric and Fez each grabbed a leg.

“Please, Donna, don’t do this…it’s too embarrassing!”

“Wow, what a great suggestion, Jackie!” said Donna. She grabbed the elastic waistband of the girl’s panties.

Time stood still in the Foreman basement, as Eric, Hyde, and Fez watched in amazement. Could this really be happening? Each of them had secretly fantasized about taking stuck-up Jackie over his knees and giving her a hard spanking on the bare, but none of them expected that Donna would share this desire.

Jackie, for her part, was mortified. She couldn’t believe that she was about to be de-pantsed and spanked in front of her friends. Not only were they her friends, but they were poor! And Fez wasn’t even from this country! The humiliation was unbearable.

But the panties were coming down. Jackie let out a prolonged “noooooooo!” as she felt the elastic slip down to her thighs and the cool air of the basement hit her exposed flesh. The boys all sighed in unison as Jackie’s superbly shaped white buttocks burst into view. Their mouths became instantly dry (partially due to the weed they’d just smoked) and their cocks sprung to life inside their pants.

Donna surveyed the pale, jiggling target on her lap and chuckled to herself. This would be the sweetest revenge ever.

From Punishing Jackie by Dr. Strange.

  1. calliope commented on October 5th, 2007:

    Heh, amazing how a correctly placed Ice pop can get things so very >hot

  2. TheSpanker commented on October 8th, 2007:

    Ihave always imagined the 5 of them getting into something as erotic as spanking but you told a better story then even I dreamed up… Love the ice pop thing.. I will be trying that ASAP…

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