Bonnie’s Birthday Spanking

I missed this birthday spanking Bonnie got last year. First, a snipped from the beginning:

Whack! Ow! That first swat is harder than I expected.
Whack! My lover’s stiff palm again makes contact with my taut flesh.
Whack! This isn’t quite the birthday spanking I had imagined.
Whack! The readers voted for a hand spanking.
Whack! I figured I would be draped across Randy’s lap.
Whack! I pictured something a bit more intimate. In fact, I envisioned something downright sensual.
Whack! But here I am, standing, bent over in the middle of the bedroom.
Whack! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!

And then, a snipped from the end:

And then there was one to grow on. Randy retrieved from our closet the dreaded Mother of All Paddles. I figured that accursed plank would have to make an appearance. Though banned as inhumane for everyday spanking activities, Randy still drags it out once each year. That day, it seems, is at hand.

Rather than just getting on with it, Randy felt the need to tease. He rubbed the sanded hardwood against my already toasted cheeks. He tapped a few times before resuming his rubbing.

“All right already!” I moaned. I didn’t really want a gigantic swat, but I was sick of waiting.

BOOM! The sound reverberated off of the walls and the force of the impact nearly pushed me over. I raised myself to a standing position, all the while vigorously rubbing my bare, punished bottom with both hands. That swat hurt even more than I remembered. OK, I was now thoroughly and completely spanked. If last colossal whack was one to grow on, I should soon be an Amazon.

Randy hugged me and again wished me a happy birthday.

  1. Bonnie commented on August 15th, 2007:


    Thank you for the mention, and for the reminder of what is in store for me next month! I have little doubt that dear Randy is scheming already!


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