Bethie And Her Toys

Bethie’s been busy lately over at Spanking Bethie. Mostly, fondling her toy collection like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin. And doing “everything he used on my butt” collection photos:

toys to spank bethie with

Ah, well, at least when she’s photographing the toys, she’s not busy buying more on eBay!

  1. kaya commented on May 30th, 2007:

    Is that a misery stick I see in there? Aren’t those lovely things.

    I do hope the sarcasm is shining through!

  2. Bethie commented on May 31st, 2007:

    Yes, Kaya, I hear the sarcasm shining right through and I can relate. Dan not only got the lovely misery stick you’re so fond of, he got three sizes of those delicious delrin canes as well. Yay. ;-)

  3. Dave commented on May 31st, 2007:

    I am envious of that arsenal you have! wow! guess i better start shopping…or ebay’ing or whatnot ;)


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