Royal Spanking Lust

This is an old picture of Prince Charles standing around doing, well, not very much. I’m sure he’s putting in a princely appearance at some worthy rural affair. I don’t know what the British equivalent of an American county fair is called, but whatever it’s called, I suspect he’s at one, and wishing he weren’t.

However, we shouldn’t forget that spanking is often called “The English Vice”. Moreover, thanks to the British tabloids, we know the prince has at least one significant kink (toe sucking, anyone?). And kinks travel in packs. So, can we guess the thought that’s currently passing through the bored royal mind?

prince charles lustfully looking at a spankable ass

From James Stephenson’s Spanking Blog.

  1. PaulH666 commented on April 27th, 2007:

    Do you think he has his hand on his hip so that he won’t make the mistake of swatting her backside. Is he thinking, do not swat, do not swat. Over and over to himself. I know I would be if I was standing there. But then I’m a pervert.

  2. Meg commented on April 27th, 2007:

    Isn’t caning the English Vice? As in boarding school punishments?

  3. Timory commented on April 27th, 2007:

    He’s totally checking her out.

    Actually, though, Charles is supposed to be interested in agricultural. I mean, from what I hear.

  4. Jimbo commented on April 28th, 2007:

    Er… I think we just call ’em county fairs, too.

  5. Sue commented on April 30th, 2007:

    He’s not at a fair–he is at a polo match! He’s wearing a polo uniform. That is probably one of his polo ponies and the girl is probably his groom. It looks like she is about to wrap it’s leg (the legs are wrapped with strips of fabric for protection and support). Sorry to rain on the parade of all us spankos, but if you look closely you can tell he is pointing at and looking down at the horse’s leg and not at the girl’s butt.

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