Hardware Store Spanking

I’m laughing hard at this photo taken at a prominent U.S. “big box” hardware store chain:

shopping girls play with spanking spoons in the store

I found the photo via the Spank Statement, so how do I know where it was taken? Because I stood in front of an identical display about three weeks ago, and decided to buy one of those wooden spoons. They are stout, heavy, well-shaped, and make perfect (if harsh) spanking implements.

When I showed my prospective purchase to Bethie, she said “Where did you find those?” And then she ran off to buy more (presumably to use as prizes in one of her contests at The Spanking Den).

Her enthusiasm, however, diminished markedly after preliminary (over her blue jeans) testing at home. Mine, on the other hand, increased. Very nice spanking spoons.

  1. Valdor commented on April 30th, 2007:

    And I trust that, just like the girl in the pic, you chose the largest size!
    Great story Spankboss,


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