It’s A Man’s World

Look, it’s already no secret that Spanking Blog honors the old Van Heusen approach to life, love, and relationships (while wearing a really good shirt). Now we discover that a man’s life gets even better when you put a Van Heusen tie on that shirt:

in a man

Show her it’s a man’s world. Van Heusen ties for men only! Brand new man-talking, power-packed ties that tell her it’s a man’s world… and make her so happy it is.

You gotta love it.

  1. David commented on April 21st, 2007:

    Let’s say it’s true — the tie gets a woman to be that submissive for you.

    Two questions:

    – does she get spanked *before* or *after* breakfast in bed?

    – is the tie like Samson’s hair? Once you take it off, do you lose all your power?

  2. Dave commented on April 21st, 2007:

    what a find! have never seen this image before. this stuff is amazes me. simply classic.

    Tomorrow, I’m buying all new ties!

  3. Rene commented on April 27th, 2007:

    What a great picture! Those were the good old days…

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