Spankings For Cam Girls

The internets are stocked for your viewing pleasure with a zillion web girls (camgirls, what the porn industry calls “solo girls” because of the type of websites they have, and aspiring adult starlets of all types) who are fundamentally vanilla but who end up competing, day to day, to do kinky stuff in order to get attention. When they attempt to “spank” each other, it’s not usually all that convincing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not decorative!

You’re looking at Faith from In Bed With Faith kneeling up beside Juliet from Get Dirty With Juliet (who, apparently, likes to take showers in her underwear). Unusual personal habits aside, don’t they make a cute pair?

solo girl spankings

So, fancy a bit of spanking?

big blonde spankings

They do, they do:

blonde girls spank

Was ever there more blonde fun on one couch?

  1. AssLover commented on March 27th, 2007:

    just the pic of a woman grabing another woman’s ass is sexy … look at the ass pressed upon the boobs very sexy… and the look on her face….mmmmmmmmm

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