Serious Suburban Kink

It all seems to start out innocently enough, with an innocent girl/girl over-the-knee spanking in your average suburban kitchen, complete with just-washed dishes on the drainboard. Maybe the poor upside-down girl missed a soap spot:

lesbian kitchen spanking

But it doesn’t take long for things to get seriously kinky from there. Three shakes of a snake’s tail later, we find our hapless scullery slave tied up tight and gagged with somebody’s bra, while kneeling up for a round of breast whipping:

kitchen breast whipping

After that, gentle reader, you are on your own, because the kink party continues to escalate in directions not normally seen on Spanking Blog screens. If you want to see the bondage toe sucking, the extreme genital closeups, the tight bondage kitchen counter strap-on sex — well, you won’t see them here. You and your clicking finger will have to follow the free picture and video links, which are courtesy of the site “Chanta’s Bitches” (although it’s unclear to me what’s actually bitchy about them.)

Is it just me, or is the real decadent part of this kinky tale the bit where somebody actually has granite kitchen counters big enough to have bondage sex on?

  1. Lovely Autumn Colour commented on March 13th, 2007:

    Shame the kitchen tops are so cluttered, and that orange tile clashes with the Terracota floor tiles something awful, as does the silver dishwasher and who one earth decided not to fit the under cupboard plinths, it’s not only unsightly, it’s a haven for grot, fluff, crumbs an eventually meeces.

    All things being equal its a horrible kitchen kinky sex or not.

  2. Amber commented on March 13th, 2007:

    Lots of different kinds of bondage, that’s all I can say. Bra gagging seems like an interesting idea.

  3. Sadie commented on March 28th, 2007:

    They are not bitchy, they are her ‘bitches’ as in – “You’re my bitch!”

  4. Frants commented on April 5th, 2007:

    I loved to see Chanta in sites like Whippedass, she’s just great as a butch. Now I see there is a 100% F/f bondage site of the Hogtied type in her name, that is something for me. At usd 19.90/month I will surely join it.

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