Rubber Bands Are Brutal

I gotta try this. Only, not on myself. “Bethie? Are you busy, dear?”

Rubber bands are really brutal. If you don’t believe me, try them on yourself. What you do is take a small thin rubber band (thin ones work the best) and stretch it between thumb and forefinger. Now place thumb and forefinger on your flesh, pull back the half of the rubber band pressed against your flesh and let go. Snap! Don’t move your fingers pressed against your flesh when you do it. It hurts. Pull back farther and repeat. In exactly the same spot. Over and over again. After about maybe ten times, the blood starts to rise. You can see all these red dots just under the skin. They almost look like pinpricks. Now continue, on the same spot, the key is to not move your fingers, so you get the same spot with that thin little rubber band over and over again. Now the little red dots get bigger, and grow until you have a little solid red line about an inch long, maybe 1/4″ wide. Yay, its working. Now continue on exactly the same spot, snapping again and again, about 10 more snaps in exactly the same spot, and the little red line turns purple. Good, now move your fingers approximately one inch along the little purple line and continue the above steps until you now have 2 inches of purple line. Now we just need to keep on going like that until that line is 10 inches long. Just about another two hundred and fifty snaps with that little rubber band and we’ll have one stripe done.

From this post at Bondage Blog.

  1. Erin commented on March 9th, 2007:

    That sounds painful and interesting, but a bit too time consuming I think that I would rather get the cane.


  2. Tanner commented on March 10th, 2007:

    Ah, this brings back school day memories, of stinging and getting stung with a rubber band.
    However, this does seem like a lot of work to produce one stripe.
    On the other hand,there’s that other school day memory, wet towels stinging bare butts in the locker room!

  3. Frants commented on April 5th, 2007:

    I tried it on a girlfriend’s nipple. She jumped before I reached 10.
    Very efficient tool to hit nipples: you can’t miss!

  4. anon commented on July 22nd, 2009:

    Wow. Now why didn’t I ever think of that.

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