Spanking Excuses

Sheesh, the excuses some girls will come up with for their misbehaviors. For instance, this gem from I’ll Beg:

The other night I got a quick little spanking. Just a little bit. After not being spanked in awhile, I always have to get my spanking juices flowing again & also even just a little spanking hurts more. Hubby decided to spank me “about 15 times” while I gave him a blow job laying across the bed. But after quite a few spanking he asked me if I had counted. I hadn’t, I was busy trying to suck his dick. Concentration is required for a job well done.

What kind of lame excuse is that?

(Just kidding…)

  1. Kasey commented on January 28th, 2007:

    Geez, you already know I am forgetful! It is not lame if it is a long established history!

    Thanks for the link. Kasey

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