Sam’s First Spanking

A reader going by Sam wrote in with the following tale of her first spanking. Sounds like good fun!

Hey –

My name is Sam, and I am a silent observer of your blog. I also have a boyfriend who lives far away from me. I figured you might be interested in this. Subject: my first spanking.

I’m like quite a few other spankees – I’ve been dreaming about getting spanked since before puberty hit full on – its just always been a “like” for me. I turned 18 in May and could finally meet my boyfriend.

We came to an agreement that I would write out my fantasy for him and hand it to him in the car, along with a list of rules for when he met my friends. When I picked him up, I was so nervous I was shaking and my mouth was dry – he spent the entire airport-time asking and making sure I was okay, teasing me about my shyness.

We finally got into the car and were halfway to the motel when he asked me for the papers I was supposed to give him. I pointed to them, sitting in the cup holder, and he read them to himself then questioned me briefly, then put them away and reached over to touch my leg and I happened to *have* to slam on the brake because someone cut me off – he was teasing me about it for the rest of his trip.

Anyway, fast forward through an entire day of teasing, we followed my fantasy to the letter. He sat down, told me to remove my pants and I got pulled over his knee and positioned. He didn’t spank me much, and it was a great variation – sometimes I was thinking that he could hit me harder, and other times, that I couldn’t bare it any more. He used his belt, and he used a flogger I bought before then. Then we got into some other stuff that I won’t give you details about, for your own sake :)

Suffice to say that I learned a big lesson during that first spanking – communication is big. He was hitting too high for my comfort, and I had to tell him to go lower. I also learned another big lesson – spanking probably isn’t for everyone. But it worked fine for me. I loved it, actually. I’m hooked. Anyway – there is a purpose…

The flogger I bought, I thought I would hate. He only missed my ass and hit a more sensitive area once. And the flogger’s sensation was amazing! It was purchased at Spencer’s Gift Shop/Specialty store(with lots of weird stuff inside) for like, $15. It was light weight – I wasn’t marked by the end of our playing, any of the times – and it stung just on the surface, so each strike was like the first time. It can be used to tickle, to playfully hit(he actually amused himself by just lightly striking his own back while I was pleasuring him otherwise), or to actually administer a strike that can make you whimper.

Anyway, I felt obligated to tell you these things as I’ve been following your blog a year or two now, and found links somehow through your blog to “First time” tips and such. And the best part of the weekend he spent – out of six or seven ‘encounters’ we had, I only had to safeword him once; and it wasn’t about the spanking!

I know a lot of people have had bad first-times; but I didn’t, and its (in part) thanks to your blog! Feel free to post any of this on your blog.


Thanks, Sam!

  1. Lizzy commented on November 8th, 2006:

    I too have been a silent reader of your blog for quite sometime. Just taking the opportunity to say thanks! Also, I love that you write about your relationship with Bethie! It gives me inspiration and hope for the future with my special someone.

    And if Sam is reading this — thanks for writing! It’s great to hear from another young writer who has interests in spanking (I, too, am barely 18). Often I would like to post on blogs, but I’m nervous that other people or even the bloggers themselves would scoff at my age and decide I’m not equally serious about this type of lifestyle. But I’m glad that you shared the story! Maybe now I’ll get up the courage to share mine :).


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