Spankings For Orgasms

Good Girl writes at Everything Goes about the cost of orgasms at her house:

I’ll tell you how much my orgasm last night cost – 500 spanks with the riding crop. No, that’s not a typo. Five hundred.

It started Friday night. Griz was fucking me and it felt so good, my orgasm was building.

Can I cum, please Sir?

No, he growled in that sadistic tone of his. And he fucked me harder.

Please, Sir, please can I cum?

No, he said again, unless… if you take 500 spanks with the crop, then you can come.

My jaw dropped. 500? I don’t fucking think so. My poor ass would fall off! Needless to say, I didn’t take the deal… that night.

Saturday night, the torture started again. He fucked me and it felt amazing, hard and deep, just the way I like it. As he brought me closer and closer to my peak, I pleaded with him to change his mind about the spankings, begged him to choose a smaller number. After nearly an hour of being pounded by his wonderfully hard cock though, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I think my mental state may have been compromised by all that fucking because I said yes.

Please Sir spank my ass as many time as you want, just let me cum!

Uh oh…

  1. Griz commented on October 19th, 2006:

    Thank you fo featuring our post. It is almost a week later, and good girl still has bruises.

  2. robeach commented on October 19th, 2006:

    My girl is spanked late Friday night, which offers a chance to revisit her backside over the weekend. I use an old leather strap that leaves black & blue marks. I like to watch her finish a shower in the morning as I enjoy the scene with my coffee. Do you wear something when spanking your girl? Just wondering, we have been doing it in the buff.

  3. calliope commented on October 20th, 2006:

    I have never understood how a person could keep from having an orgasm this way. Push the right buttons and there is no way I could help but enjoy the ride to the max *grin*. How does a girl do it? Think of the laundry, or imagine the smell of cabbage cooking, or pretend it is a root canal?


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