Bad Wife, Good Wife, Spanked Wife

The excerpt that follows is from near the end of a longer blog post that does much to set the scene. If you’re the type of blog reader who does click through, click through now — you’ll enjoy what follows much more in its original context.

If, however, you’re the type of blog reader who never clicks through, you’ll have to make do with the excerpt:

“Funny,” I said.

“What is?”

“I am. When you were listing all my qualities, you left out funny. I’m funny,” I reminded him.

He shook his head, “You’re funny, yeah. Anything else I forgot?”

“Yeah…I’m a good cocksucker.”

His head dropped into his hands and he shook it back in forth in resignation. “Jesus, Kristin. Why do you have to use language like that?”

“Sorry, should I have said fellatio?”

“Alright, finish your canolli. Time to go home,” he said in mock exasperation, as he searched the room for the waiter and our check. He was clearly enjoying my misbehavior. I’d never noticed this about him before.

“Uh oh…am in trouble, Theodore?”

“Kristin, finish it or I will. And, yes, you’re in trouble.”

“Can I have a spanking?” I requested. “I need to learn my lesson.”

“Good thing I’m a teacher, then,” he said…

  1. AJB commented on September 17th, 2006:

    I read the original. I thought it was very well written.

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